Fun and Easy Diet Tips


We believe that you have read a lot of diet tips, diet solution and other information related to diet but maybe some or most of them are not applicable, too impossible to do, etc. But don’t worry, we will share with you some of diet tips you may do not know before.

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Fun Diet – Super Easy!

They are easy and fun to do! Let us check and follow them to have healthy eating and ideal body shape!

1. Do not skip the regular meal time. Keep the 3 times eating a day. Skip one of them will make you eat more in the next meal time. For example, you skip breakfast time it will cause you more hungry in the lunch time and eat more for lunch. In a starving mode, we usually eat comfortably without eating.

2. Choose a nutritious breakfast to support your activities. Example: Have a wholemeal grained bread, and a glass of low-fat milk or fruit juice will be fine to give you nutrition and energy. If you like drinking tea, a cup of warm green tea in the morning will also enable you to burn about 70 calories each day and benefit for your skin because of the antioxidants in it. This is really a soft diet tip, you stay healthy, get ideal weight and also a moist skin.

3. Eat slowly. This will cause your stomach feel full in longer period, which also helps to suppress your appetite. For those of you who are not familiar with this eating method, try this trick: put a spoon or fork while you are chewing, drinking mineral water after each chewing and chew food a few times more than usual before swallowing it.

4. Drink plenty of water. Lots of individuals cannot differentiate between food cravings and being thirsty. We believed that was starving (even though, in fact dehydrated), you’ll take in the food (that basically does not require to take) and then, how do you tell? Consume a glass of water and simply wait fifteen minutes to determine if you are still starving. If that’s the case, then you’re hungry.

5. Reduce carbs. Carbohydrates is a lot more prone to turn out stored as body fat instead of utilized as energy. Bear in mind, restricting your carbohydrate food consumption does not necessarily mean no carbohydrates ingestion at all!!! Many dieters take it wrong about the carbs limit. You still need carbs daily in some sufficient amounts so to solve it the trick is substituting your natural carbohydrates with the healthier ones. For example, eat red rice, potatoes, oatmeal, grained/wheat bread instead of white rice. They are more fibrous and will make you fuller, so you do not need to eat in much amount of carbohydrates.

5. We all know that high protein foods such as fish is the best dinner option to control body weight. This is because protein keeps you full in a longer period of time. If you want to limit your carbohydrates intake, just simply eat more protein foods,

6. Make a food diary. Note your everyday food and beverage intake in a notebook or pocket size notebook so you can bring it anywhere. This method avoids you from a sudden “amnesia” of what you have eaten that day which there are many of dieters usually trapped in this repeating situation. It is better if you could also write the calories contained in any kinds of food that you eat.